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Agricultural Equipment and Forestry

BurnishOEM builds quality metal bolt-on components, welded sub-assemblies, and aftermarket items for agricultural equipment and forestry structures.  The component part engineers at BurnishOEM deliver reliable products to match your exact industry specifications. We produce the necessary parts to ensure durable and reliable finished products.


BurnishOEM constructs metal enclosures, component parts, wire cooking racks, grates, shelves, and brackets for the appliance industry.

Consumer Products Goods Manufacturers

We create metal and wire parts for consumer products goods manufacturers (CPGs).  We work directly with brands to develop and produce either a portion of or the complete product, which you ultimately brand and sell to your clientele.

Construction Equipment

At BurnishOEM, we build welded and painted parts for construction equipment used primarily for mining, lifting, material handling, and excavation.  Construction equipment is mainly driven by residential, commercial and industrial development.


BurnishOEM builds server cabinet enclosures and componentry for rack mount and open frame computer server cabinets.  We design, develop, and manufacture industrial enclosures and metal boxes that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.  We utilize our laser cutting, punching, and bending equipment to create electronic enclosures and housing assemblies that meet your specific needs.


Our company builds metal components for the heating and air conditioning industries for both commercial and residential applications.  For example, we construct enclosures, component parts, and wire shields.

Material Handling

We manufacture high quality metal components and welded assemblies for material handling equipment, conveyors, and robotics.  We assist you with new product development collaboration, welding, fabricating, and finishing.  We build the components needed for your freight and shipping challenges, including componentry for substructures, robotics, conveyors, lifts, and cranes.


BurnishOEM builds machined parts for the medical community.  We build components such as tooling brackets and chassis for scanners and other equipment that are used throughout medical facilities.

Military and Defense Equipment

BurnishOEM is a high-quality steel fabricator that supports government requirements and supplier agreements.  Our company manufactures parts for training facilities and ranges.  We support government supply programs, providing the quality and process controls that are contractually required.

Oil and Gas Equipment

BurnishOEM manufactures the machined components needed to withstand the harsh conditions of the oil and gas industry.  Oilfields require high-quality flappers, housings, and parts that support the drill and chain operations.

Power Generation Equipment

At BurnishOEM, we manufacture durable metal components and welded assemblies for the power generation industry.  We build parts such as shells, jackets, frames, flywheels, and cases.

Railroad Equipment

BurnishOEM builds high quality metal components for the railroad industry.  For example, we construct components for cabs, shrouds, and assemblies.


Our company services both the commercial and residential refrigeration industries.  For example, we manufacture sheet metal and wire shelves, baskets, racks, brackets, and bins.

Renewable Energy

We construct high quality enclosures and the components needed by the innovative wind and solar industry.

Trucks and Trailers

BurnishOEM fabricates components for sub-assemblies and frames for the truck and trailer industries.

BurnishOEM delivers precision components that meet your exact demands and conditions for production, delivery, and management. 

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Burnish is a word that has two fantastic meanings.  First, it means to rub metal until it shines.  Second, it means to improve your reputation or the way you appear to others.  At BurnishOEM, we live up to our name’s meanings as an original equipment manufacturer.  Not only do we make metal and wire parts “shine,” but we also design, prototype, cut, laser, machine, bend, mill, grind, clean, powder coat, assemble, package, and ship metal and wire parts.  Our goal is to ameliorate your company’s reputation and make you look good by manufacturing and delivering the parts that you need to be successful with your clientele.

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