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As a LEAN manufacturer, we inspect and measure quality throughout the production process, starting with the raw materials and ending with the finished product.

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We also participate in Kanban management to meet your Just-In-Time (JIT) requirements.

What we do

Our company manufactures fabricated sheet metal and wire products.  In our over two million square feet of manufacturing facilities in two states, our employees manage various types of work cells to make sheet metal and wire products.  We use enterprise resource planning software to automate key functions of our operation, especially as it relates to inventory management.  As a LEAN manufacturer, we inspect and measure quality throughout the production process, starting with the raw materials and ending with the finished product.  We also participate in Kanban management to meet your Just-In-Time (JIT) requirements.  Also, BurnishOEM recycles 100 percent of the waste it accrues from our steel manufacturing operations.  We take pride in recycling or repurposing leftovers associated with the manufacturing, cleaning, and packaging of our work.  But we don’t just efficiently make parts, we also provide exceptional customer service.  We staff call centers in both Texas and Alabama, and the friendly and responsive personnel will be available to answer your questions either on the phone or by email throughout the process.

Cutting (CNC)

We cut both sheet metal and wire materials.  BurnishOEM runs Salvagninnis laser systems for cutting sheet metal products.  We also utilize automatic and cold saws to laser cut tubing.  Laser cutting provides a cleaner edge than other forms of cutting.  We also run sophisticated wire cutting and straightening equipment.

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Die/Tooling Design

BurnishOEM designs, produces, and maintains its own dies, roll former tooling, weld tooling, and process/transfer lines. Dies are made in house for our customers’ projects. We control three separate tool and die departments in each factory, and each department houses its own wire EDM and CNC machinery.

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We prepare metal parts for finishing by utilizing steam water parts washing, which includes phosphating.  The parts move from washing to dry off ovens.  After the parts are cleaned and dried, we paint them in one of several high speed, state-of-the art reclaim powder coating lines, each with multiple powder booths and associated equipment.  We also operate numerous off-line manual powder booths for smaller projects.  Once parts are painted, we cure them in our bake-off ovens.

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Kitting and Assembly

BurnishOEM operates assembly cells to facilitate assemblies and sub-assemblies.  Our staff can deliver both metal and plastic component finishing.  We can establish a program so we will deliver your product fully assembled (complete turn-key) to your desired locations, either packaged or unpackaged.

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Photos: Kitting and assembly

Metal Forming

Our employees are skilled at using our numerous presses to facilitate press brake forming. They produce parts quickly, identifying variations immediately to make corrections that alleviate defects. We also bend metal from sheet metal coil with CNC line equipment, utilizing computer-controlled feeders and straighteners. BurnishOEM can bend a wide range of metal grades, thicknesses, and sizes.

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Packaging and Shipping

Our staff will either box or palletize product, and we have labeling.  We also utilize automatic R-Pack shrink wrapping machines when needed.

BurnishOEM’s transportation departments provide timely deliveries by common carriers and LTL throughout the United States and by export worldwide.  We are able to ship directly to distribution, to stock, and to customer sites.  And we are able to ship to multiple points.  Our company’s shipping capacity is broad.  For example, we have 123 dock doors at our three manufacturing facilities to accommodate many truckload deliveries a day.

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Stamping and Punching

We run both stamping and punching lines.  We use turrets for stamping off steel coils.  And we operate computer-controlled CNC equipment to shear, notch, and punch angles for flat pieces.

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BurnishOEM manages high speed production lines with automatic spot and MIG welding. We weld both sheet metal and wire materials, utilizing both fully automated machinery and manual processes.  Each plant facilitates complete welding departments capable of MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), resistance, and laser welding.  We use not only certified welders but also sophisticated robotic welding equipment.

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Additional Services

Design and Prototyping

We have a talented engineering staff in both Texas and Alabama, and they are able to take your rough concept and turn it into a finished design. We collaborate with you to create a program that will save you money and meet your quality expectations. Our engineers specialize in mechanical design for manufacturing, utilizing Solidworks. When needed, they quickly convert a design into a prototype.


Our company produces high quality machined metal components.  Our operators are skilled at operating vertical machining centers, horizontal boring mills, vertical boring mills, and Gogsdill tools

BurnishOEM delivers precision components that meet your exact demands and conditions for production, delivery, and management.

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We Have Over 50 Combined Years of Experience in The Manufacturing Industry

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Providing the Highest Quality OEM and Contract Manufacturing Services

Burnish is a word that has two fantastic meanings.  First, it means to rub metal until it shines.  Second, it means to improve your reputation or the way you appear to others.  At BurnishOEM, we live up to our name’s meanings as an original equipment manufacturer.  Not only do we make metal and wire parts “shine,” but we also design, prototype, cut, laser, machine, bend, mill, grind, clean, powder coat, assemble, package, and ship metal and wire parts.  Our goal is to ameliorate your company’s reputation and make you look good by manufacturing and delivering the parts that you need to be successful with your clientele.

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